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Dodge caravan wiki

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Крайслер Вояджер — минивэн , выпускающийся корпорацией Chrysler. Продажи Voyager стартовали в году в Европе. Voyager является почти полной копией Plymouth Voyager и Dodge Caravan. Удлиненная версия называется Chrysler Grand Voyager.

Так же существует в военном исполнении и для стран Южной Африки с баками повышенного объема вместимостью и литров. Grand Voyager на официальном сайте Chrysler.

More Minivan Repairs for my 2017 Dodge Grand Caravan and some reminising of the past.😘

Wikimedia Foundation. Chrysler Voyager. Chrysler Voyager Chrysler Voyager. Навигация Персональные инструменты русский Создать учётную запись Войти. Пространства имён Статья Обсуждение. Просмотры Читать Посмотреть код История. Содержимое этой страницы в последний раз было изменено на 18 марта , на Leap a great distance forward and into the air while firing three projectiles in a line along the path, each dealing area damage and rooting targets hit for 3 seconds.

Rotation control is enabled during cast. Throws a magical web of bolas at the target location. All enemies within are snared and build additional hate towards the tank every second. Enemies entering or exiting the radius will be tripped. Release a powerful streak of lightning that hits your primary target and then chains outward to all nearby enemies from that target, dealing lightning damage and applying 3 stacks of Electrified to each target hit.

Call forth spectral chains in a target area that stagger enemies within or stun enemies already under the staggered effect, then leave behind an area that deals radiant damage each second over 8 seconds. Stun target enemy for 3 seconds.

Dodge caravan wiki

Call forth a line of jagged earth spikes in front of the[sic] you, dealing earth damage and applying 10 stacks of Stagger to each enemy hit along its path while launching them upwards. Takes aim for a moment before hurling a hooked chain in a line, damaging the first target it contacts and immediately pulling them to the caster.

The target suffers a tapering snare for 3 seconds. Imbues your ammunition with weight. Each application applies 3 seconds of duration to the target, up to a maximum of 12 seconds. Held ability : Cast a powerful earthquake that deals more damage the longer it was charged and applies 10 stacks of Staggered to all enemies around the caster. If the spell was fully charged, this applies Tripped instead of Staggered.

Slam your target with immense force, knocking them back. Applies 10 stagger. Applies the sleeping condition to targets affected within a small area around the primary target, rendering them unable to move or take any action.

Any damage dealt to a sleeping target will break the effect. Releases a thundering shout in a forward cone, applying the staggered condition on enemy targets.

Also stomps the ground dealing damage around the caster and tripping enemies affected by the snared condition. Instantly teleport a set distance in the direction you are moving. Snares and Roots effects applied to the caster are ignored. Caravan Trail Speed Bonus. Minor speed boost for travelling on a simple trail.

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Rush toward a target; and upon reaching the target, deal an amount damage with a chance to knock the target down. Gives the caravan a temporary speed boost. Sprout phoenix-like wings and leap to target ally, then grant a small amount of temporary health to that target on arrival. Bash enemies in front of you twice. The second attack temporarily increases block chance.

You must have a shield equipped to block. Does not stack. Each hit extends the duration of the mana regeneration buff, up to a maximum of 15 seconds. Lashes your target with holy energy whip, dealing direct damage and restoring health and mana to yourself over time. Restore health to all party members in range instantly, plus additional healing over time. Send forth a cone of radiance that deals radiant damage to all enemies while healing the ten nearest allies.

Dodge caravan wiki

Launch an orb of energy into the air that will fall upon your target, healing them. Hurls a radiant spear at the target, dealing damage. Place a targeted area heal on the ground that heals all targets within after several seconds.

Dodge caravan wiki

Total healing is split between all targets hit. Consume Divine Power to instantly complete the remaining cast time of any healing spell currently being cast. The amount of Divine Power consumed is proportional to the amount of cast time remaining upon activation.

Heals your target with a flash of light. Reduces the cooldown of Devotion and Radiant Burst. Applies an AoE heal over time to friends and damage over time to enemies.

Instantly heal target ally. This may be used during other ability activations. Heal target ally in melee range for a large amount of health. Cast a heal on target ally for a large amount of health. If this is cast on an enemy, it instead deals radiant damage to the target and applies 2 stacks of Burning. Instantly launch a healing projectile toward target ally. Each charge of this ability consumed after the first has no mana cost, and restores an increasing amount of mana to the caster based on the number of missing charges.

Consecutive uses of the ability will gain bonus healing. Heals allies around you in a wide area for a large amount. Bathe your target with restorative energy that heals them over time.

Held ability : Fire a beam of healing energy toward a target ally. Charging this spell allows the beam to bounce to up to 5 additional friendly targets closest to the original target, based on how long it was charged.

The amount of healing is reduced for each subsequent target. Smite your target, dealing instant damage and applying a stack of Burning to target enemy. Has no cast time and deals increased damage if activated within melee range of the target. This attack always critically hits on targets under the effect of Condemn. Apply a healing over time effect to target ally. Reapplying this effect extends its duration on the target by its base duration value. Increase defense mitigation by 4.

Generate an additional 1. Increase maximum health by Изначально планировался для американского рынка, но также стал доступен на других рынках как Fiat Freemont. Три года подряд Dodge Journey входил в список двенадцати моделей от Chrysler Group, получивших титул самых безопасных автомобилей «Top Safety Pick» [1].

Обновленный в году, Dodge Journey получил совершенно новую подвеску, новый 6-цилиндровый сильный двигатель, который на 48 л.

1996 Dodge Caravan \

В базовое оснащение Dodge Journey входит система динамической стабилизации ESC и работающая на любых скоростях антипробуксовочная система, помогающие удерживать кроссовер на заданной траектории при различных дорожных и погодных условиях, антиблокировочная тормозная система и система предотвращения опрокидывания.

Из внешних изменений можно отметить светодиодные задние фонари и хромированные насадки на выпускные трубы и дюймовые алюминиевые колесные диски [2]. Краткие факты Общие данные, Производитель Dodge Journey.