Honda shadow 750 price

Honda shadow 750 price

Regardless, the cc Shadow line has been looking a bit long in the tooth lately. Вместе с мотом отдам дуги сохранности. Тут уж не поспоришь — очень красив! Диаметр переднего тормоза:. CTX

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Honda shadow 750 price

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Honda shadow 750 price

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Подписаться на новые поступления. Калинин Фёдор Многоканальный, бесплатно по РФ 8 Мотоциклы Мотоциклы под заказ Мопеды. Estimated Fuel Economy: 56 mpg.

Two-piston calipers Диаметр переднего тормоза: мм Задний тормоз: Expanding brake drum brake. Honda Shadow Aero 6. База удлиняется на 30 мм, наклон вилки увеличивается до 32,25 градусов, колеса уменьшаются до ти дюймов.

Главный козырь мотоцикла, помимо нарядного внешнего вида, невероятная тщательность изготовления каждой детали. Honda Shadow Aero г. Honda Shadow Aero Motorcycle Test. Cruisers may represent the more traditional end of the motorcycle design spectrum, but even relatively low-key V-twins need facelifts and tummy tucks every so often to catch the eye of the elusive consumer. The cc cruiser segment is a prime example of reliable designs built to a price point, and a market niche that has been particularly lucrative for Honda.

Regardless, the cc Shadow line has been looking a bit long in the tooth lately. In an aggressive move, Honda cleaned out the stable, throwing the venerable cc A. The Aero is the only kid on the old middleweight V-twin block this year. A Honda rep told us consumers were asked what elements were most essential when considering new bikes in this category. Price, styling and maintenance concerns consistently came up as significantly important to potential buyers.

Honda shadow 750 price

That design brings a single overhead camshaft, two spark plugs per cylinder and three valves per cylinder. Instead of the two carbs the A. At the other end of the combustion process is a sleek 2-into-1 exhaust system that features a livelier bark than the mufflers of previous Shadows. The system encloses two fully independent pipe and silencer sets in a single long, large-diameter case, and an air-injection system reduces emissions by injecting air into the exhaust ports to ensure complete combustion.

Combustion chambers also get a bump in compression from 9. The Aero comes equipped with a wide-ratio five-speed transmission and an aluminum radiator mounted between the frame rails to maintain consistent engine temperature. Honda took styling cues into account on this machine as well, and a long and low look complements the spacious ergonomics and sweeping bar. A new steel-tube frame design with lower frame rails places the seat height at a subterranean Naturally, chrome highlights abound, from the cylinder-head cover to the instrument housing.

But the real news here is the change in the powertrain. The A. But surely Honda had one eye on the competition, too. It was an obvious direction for Honda. Throw a leg over and settle onto the roomy saddle, which places you a mere two feet off the ground—giving plenty of confidence for beginning or shorter riders. A pair of forward-set aluminum footpegs provides additional room for pilots to stretch out, though these are tilted too far to feel natural, and your heel can touch down on sharp turns.

The initial getaway is smooth thanks to an easily accessible clutch lever and silky engagement. Shifting is positive, with the requisite clunk in first gear.


Once underway, the Shadow Aero pulses like a V-twin, but one with flawless carburetion and an agreeable exhaust note to boot. The engine does radiate some vibration, felt mostly through the pegs, but this never develops into anything more than an annoyance. Throttle response is fairly crisp for a bike of this class, and the torque pull off the light is surprisingly forceful. At low speeds, the pound Aero comports itself admirably, with light steering and terrific leverage in turns thanks to the wide bar.

New 2024 Honda Shadow Phantom 750 Review - Rebel 500 VS VT750... Better?

At Ground clearance is better than expected considering the low seat height, but we were less than impressed with the ride quality along sharply irregular roads.

Although the dual rear shocks have five-position preload adjustability, there are only 3. The 41mm fork offers more neutral handling up front, however, with 4. A single mm drilled rotor gripped by a twin-piston caliper provides controllable stopping power, though substantial effort is necessary at the brake lever, and you should be prepared to employ the mm rear drum unit, too.

The levers themselves are easy to access even for small hands, and readily engaged. On most rides in the city, we were able to milk more than miles from a single tank of gas. The Aero shines on urban runs. The rear shocks feature eye-catching chrome covers, and the fork is also encased in large-diameter chromed steel shrouds.

The speedometer peeks out of an attractive chrome instrument housing set into the front of the fuel tank in classic retro style. We also liked the steering head and helmet lock features for the added convenience and security they allow riders.

There are a few unsightly details on the Aero, like the front wiring, chintzy turn signals and tank seam, but overall, this newest Shadow is a good deal. Honda also says it will provide a raft of accessories to support the Aero, including windshield, saddlebag brackets, a backrest and a light bar.

For the thousands of loyal A. With modern features, sweet ergonomics and an agreeable tariff, this new entry is headed for success and worthy of the same kind of following the Shadow line became famous for. Art Friedman : Honda has given its popular middleweight shaft drive— a welcome improvementabout the same time that buyers seem to have moved on to belt drive as their preferred form of final drive.

Belt might have been a better choice here too, since it is equally quiet, clean and maintenance-free but eliminates the jacking of a shaft and—more to the point on a —is lighter and cheaper. But either drive system is better than the messy chain, which riders generally fail to lube frequently enough.

Shadow Aero 750, Classic Cruiser Style and Affordable Price - 2023 Honda Shadow Aero 750

The Aero is a nice enough motorcycle, though my pounds overwhelm the suspension on a bumpy road. Lighter riders shopping for a machine in this range should take take note, however. Belt Friedman at Art. Friedman primedia.